Yellowbrick • Research & UX • 2016

Mobile parking is fast, convenient and economical


Yellowbrick provides an easy way of parking using your mobile phone to save money and time. A lot of people heard about ‘mobile parking’ but don’t know exactly how it works or have the assumption that mobile parking benefits only when you park a lot. The main goal was to gain new customers, make the benefits very clear and guide them on how to use the app.

My role

On behalf of Soda studio I worked on this project and was responsible for UX design, user research and usability testing. During the concept phase I worked in an agile scrum team and close with the visual designer. The user research for Yellowbrick was a lot of fun and very insightful. We went out into the streets to public parking places and asked people questions.

Out on the streets

Before we start designing we went on the streets near parking places and asked questions to potential users. Do people know about mobile parking? Do they want to use it?

All the benefits of mobile parking

We made all the benefits of mobile parking very clear in 5 checkmarks which you can see in the picture below (in Dutch).

How to use mobile parking

During user research we noticed that people don’t know how to use mobile parking. Step by step we explained how it works and the text in blue gives some helpful advice.

A special page for corporate customers

Yellowbrick is also available for businesses. They have differents needs like using multiple cars within one account. This pages was designed for corporate customers.

A template for SEO landing pages

Next to their corporate customers Yellowbrick wanted to reach specific target groups. A modular SEO landing is designed to make that possible.

On the right track?

At an early stage of the design process we did a usability test with wireframes to be sure that we were on the right track. One of the insights was that the step-by-step explanation needed to be even more clear.


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