NPO Wetenschap • Research & UX • 2015

For everyone who loves science


NPO Wetenschap is a Dutch public broadcaster that makes beautiful educative science programs on national television. This website is an extension of their science tv program. The result is an uncluttered design, subtle learning experiences and lots of opportunity to explore on the content resulting in a deeper appreciation of a specific topic.

My role

On behalf of Soda Studio I was responsible for the UX design and user research. During the concept phase I worked in an agile scrum team and close with the visual designer. With limited budget and time we designed a fully responsive website. A complete website for everyone that is interested in science.

One scientific topic every week

One scientific topic is showcased on the homepage every week. From short video’s, photo galleries to in-depth research articles to provoke curiosity and exploration of a scientific topic.

A mobile first approach

Although we made a fully responsive website, to focus of the project was a mobile first approach. Who doesn’t need a good read while waiting for public transport?

Watch, read and participate

Scientific topics can be fun and interesting but scientific papers don’t always look like that much fun. To make it more accessible for everyone we used a lot of videos and pictures. The result is a an uncluttered design, the learning is subtle, and within every exploration content you'll find a moment to reflect and so an opportunity for a deeper appreciation of a topic. Already an expert in the field? You can join the conversation or discussion with other readers.

Easily go from one topic to another

Find a topic you have specific interest in? You will easily find all the related topics in one ‘dossier’.

What do you think?

That’s what we asked potential users during the user test in the concept phase. We want to make sure that we were on the right track and that the website is fun and interesting. The result is a responsible website for everyone that loves science. NPO wetenschap makes sciences accessible for everyone who is interested in science with enough in depth information to never get bored.


Want to know more?

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